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We are a seasoned group of startup veterans with a wealth of experience in the various functional skill sets (sales, finance, operations, etc.) that are required to successfully grow a startup. In the early stages of a company, these areas are often fused together as everyone wears "multiple hats". We work with the management team to partition off these areas as the company grows and new structures/roles need to be implemented as new hires are added.

Our advice is at a strategic level, but we have this uncommon ability to actually roll up our sleeves and actively participate in the implementation of our advice. When needed, we can also step-in on an interim basis as a fractional member of the management team.

We are headquartered in Seattle, Washington but have access
to a wealth of global talent if needed.

Our Unique Approach

Foremost, we only partner with ethical entrepreneurs with high integrity that persevere through creativity, adaptability, stamina, and sheer will power "to make it happen". These types of entrepreneurs eventually succeed. Accordingly, our commitment is long-term. And, as such, our relationship with the founder(s) evolves into a deep and substantive one that enables us to partner with them to hone a strong value proposition and develop a clear path to revenue with profitability following on its heels.

Working with management, we help them develop a structured, stable, efficiently run company that grows revenue organically and/or can raise funds at an optimal level if needed. (Note: our involvement with a company is pre-institutional investment.)

Our Services


At DGS, we actively listen first. We recognize that every business and every situation is unique. This is why we emphasize and insist on discerning your unique circumstances from your perspective. This approach allows us to expose the critical aspects of your business and jointly develop effective solutions.

We maintain a simple, direct, and constant communication channel with our clients. This provides the foundation for true insight into your business. By emphasizing communication from the earliest stage, we are able to acquire the knowledge of your business needed to extract optimal solutions together.

Focused Solutions
We are disciplined in our commitment to enhance the value of your firm. While we believe every business is unique, we maintain a methodical approach to optimize our services. This starts with an initial comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and persists throughout the engagement.


We are currently updating our services to meet and, where possible, exceed client expectations.

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